Success Stories

Our clients and their success speak for themselves... here is a snapshot of some of our best results

Trial Victories

PEOPLE v. M.H. After nearly a two month trial, acquittal on conspiracy, attempted robbery and gun possession charges.

PEOPLE v. J.R. Acquittal of gun possession where an officer testified our client threw his gun on the floor of a taxi cab. 

People v. A.F. Acquittal on Driving While Intoxicated charges where the allegation was the defendant blew over twice the legal limit.




Favorable Dispositions

UNITED STATES v. E.L. Probation given by Federal Judge where the Government and the Department of Probation recommended major jail time in a case where it was alleged that the client defrauded the SNAP program for over $1,000,000.00 dollars.

UNITED STATES v. R.J. The head of a narcotics conspiracy got a significant downward departure from the recommended jail time. 

UNTITED STATES v. T.V. A participant of a horrendous kidnapping case got the lowest jail time of all the participants. 



Monies Recovered

CITY OF NEW YORK v. F.B., et al. Recovered a six figure settlement for a family that the cops busted in on and injured during a raid.

CITY OF NEW YORK v. L.W. Recovered a six figure settlement for a client who got his nose broken by NYPD.

CITY OF NEW YORK v. D.B. Recovered a near six-figure settlement for a client who got injured while incarcerated.




Without Raoul as my Lawyer, I wouldn’t be where I am today. With his help in my cases, I was able to complete my degree and get a great job!”
— Amir A. client

With Raoul, I never have to worry about my rights being violated again.
— Charles L. client

He kept my husband from going to jail. He kept our family together. I will always be grateful.
— Maria L. Client's wife

You want an attorney who will fight with you. Who will believe in you. I found one in Raoul Zaltzberg. He is a fighter. He is a winner. And most importantly, he is now my friend.
— Milton H. Client

Do yourself a favor and hire him. It’s worth the peace of mind knowing you have a lawyer like him in your corner.
— Jackie, B. client